Prototypes, or pre-production material are general terms to describe pieces or parts
left over from the development process for a mass produced item. All products go through a series of prototypes (or prototyping) before the final product is released.

Collectors from nearly every discipline find prototypes highly desirable mainly due to a factor of rarity, but also to learn more about the items that hold a special place in their lives.
Toy collectors are no different, and collecting vintage Star Wars prototype items is one of the most challenging fields to break in to. Considering that the line itself is over 30 years old, locating a surviving example can be difficult to say the least. It is widely known that Kenner destroyed en masse' most in house prototype material. A general rule of thumb to go by is the earlier the figure was released, the more difficult or rare any prototype material will be to locate.  (ie. a SW release will have fewer specimens than a RotJ or POTF release)

From a personal stand point, I think it speaks volumes for the dedicated artists and designers at Kenner who took pride in what they created, and in rare cases saved a bit
here and there, if only for themselves at the time, but now preserve one of, if not the most significant toy lines in the history of the industry. If it wasn't for the foresight of these
people, the true history and origins of the Star Wars toy line would have been lost forever.

It is to these people that I dedicate these features and items. Without them, these pages and
items shown simply would not exist. I would also hope that they realize how much joy these items bring collectors, now 30 years past when they were created.