LFL - Prop Darth Vader Helmet with Chest and Shoulder Armor
George Lucas Superlive Adventure, Star Wars Weekends,Disney Hollywood
and featured in the movie "Sydney White"
This is an incredible piece of Star Wars history, one of the few props that has served *quadruple* duty, and was in active use for nearly 15 years.
 The helmet was originally created for the George Lucas Superlive Adventure Show in 1991. After the production closed, it then served as the very first Vader helmet for the MGM/Star Wars Weekends at Disney. The notable feature of the helmet are the three large openings at the bottom, which allowed the actor better vision and speech on stage during the SLA show. It also uses screens vs. traditional lenses for the eyes, which is also something that also carried over from the SLA show. It certainly served a long, and useful life from the original Superlive Adventure, to the SW Weekends, to finally being in rotation at Disney Hollywood for Star Tours, before being retired after 2001. *NEW UPDATE!*
Amazingly, it has recently been discovered that this is also the same Darth Vader helmet that was used in the film "Sydney White" (see pics below from the set)
 The chest and shoulder armor is also the same as pictured in the Episode 1 promotional material for Disney. These armor sets made in various sizes, but this specific armor is only seen in pics when this helmet is being worn. Most notably it is the hero costume that was used to promote the Eps.1 roll out at the parks, and is featured in all the press and promotional material (see 2nd pic)
Needless to say, this is an amazing piece of Star Wars history, and I am truly honored to have this in my collection.
To the best of my knowledge, this Vader helmet might be one of the few remaining prop pieces in existence from the SLA. The bulk of the props and costumes were deemed unusable for MGM, and were scrapped. The Vader helmet is actually hand-laid fiberglass, so it's a testament to the quality of the craftsmen who built and have maintained this, that it has held up for 20+ years.
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 on-set picture from "Sydney White" -