4" Figures
12"/Large Figures
From the Classic 4-pack
through the current line on store shelves
Everything after 1990's
12"/LSAF and anything larger than the standard 4" figures.
A wide sample of the galaxy of Darth Vader items from around the globe
Please check back for updates to the modern section. Once of the best things about
collecting Darth Vader, is also one of the most challenging: there is a LOT out there.

I am by no means a completist, or have any desire to own every single thing ever produced
which features, or has a picture of Darth Vader on it. Some items I like more than others,
and I think there are modern pieces which are truly amazing. I keep my collecting focus to a
simple rule: I collect what I like.

For the time being, I will feature items from the modern era which offer a slightly different
perspective that a list(s) format, or repeat information which is already out there.
Props, Statues &
Art Pieces