12" ESB Toltoys Darth Vader
The original line of 12" figures was a true watershed in the development of toy history. These highly detailed, articulated, scaled figures had no equal. While not a commercial success, these figures were a huge hit with fans. Unfortunately, during the ESB product  rollout, the line was canceled. The only figures released in the US in the Empire packaging were Boba Fett and IG-88.

Rumors have circulated with collectors for years about the Australian release of the 12" line, and that the line *included* Darth Vader in the ESB packaging. American collectors were mainly in the dark and focused on the Unproduced ESB box flats that have surfaced over the years. Australian collectors have always supported the fact that Darth Vader *was* released, and that many had actually purchased them off store shelves. I am also pleased to report that
along with Darth Vader, it is confirmed that Chewbacca and Stormtrooper were released as

I am very pleased to finally define, and authenticate the 12" LSAF Empire Strikes Back Toltoys Darth Vader figure. Needless to say, these are exceptionally rare, with only 5 documented examples of Darth Vader known.

The first point of identification we will look at is the front flap of the box, underneath the large picture of Darth Vader:
Here we see two main differences;
- The copyright info below the picture has been omitted on the Toltoys box, while on the US ESB flat, the copyright is present.
- The descriptive bullet points are different. The Toltoys box reads "Contents: Poseable Action Figure" while on the US (SW and ESB flat), Canadian and UK releases the height description is present; "Contents: 15" Poseable Action Figure"
The second point of identification we will look at is the bottom flap of the box.
As we can see, the copyright and trademark information is completely different. To avoid someone copying this, or trying to make reproductions, I have blurred items on the Toltoys example deliberately.

12" ESB Box and Meccano Comparison

The ESB Toltoys box is actually a better companion to the Star Wars release
Meccano packaging. It is for this reason, and the details shown above that
have led to the discovery of this "new" Toltoys piece:

In both examples, the copyright and trademark information has been removed from the space below the main picture. The height description has also been removed from the bullet points on the front and sides.

I am very happy to be able to indentify a new vintage figure, and to be in a position to share this with the rest of the collecting community.

Please note that these images are examples from my personal collection, and are
my property. (So do NOT steal them)  I started this site to host and share Darth Vader information.  I am more than happy to share with other sites, so long as you ASK FIRST, and credit the picture accordingly.

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