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  The Complete Vader by Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur

This is just an amazing new book, and is a must have for
any Star Wars fan. It features never before seen pics and
collectibles, and has many of the same type of interactive
features as found in The Vault. It's not only a great book,
but a solid reference as well.
Ryder and Pete have put together the most complete, and
well rounded Darth Vader book I have ever seen.

It is available from numerous online retailers, and has a release date of Sept.2012

Click on the image to the left for more info.
Plastic Galaxy in full production!
As the subject line says, Plastic Galaxy, the first documentary about Star Wars toys, is in full swing! We've logged thousands of miles, we've shot more than two dozen hours of footage, and we've got hundreds of photos clogging up our hard drive. This film is stomping forward with the inexorable might of a hard charging AT-AT.

I've gotta tell you, as a collector and a filmmaker, this has so far been one heck of an experience. I've seen some outstanding collections, of course, filled with not only production toys, but also rare and intriguing prototypes. But even better, I've had a chance to meet some wonderful collectors, people from all walks of life with a wide range of interests, hobbies, and life experiences. They've been universally friendly, and they've all got some great stories to tell.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting photos and telling some behind-the-scenes stories. I'll also be updating from the road -- the production will take us to Ohio, Rhode Island, West Virginia, California, Georgia, Connecticut, and who knows where else. (And we've already been to New York, Washington state, and D.C.) I can't imagine what kind of toys I'll see -- but I promise give you guys and gals a sneak peak whenever possible.

Don't forget, you can follow us on Twitter, friend us on Face Book, and check out this blog regularly for news and updates, swag, and contests!

As always, thanks for supporting indie filmmaking, and happy collecting!

Official SIte for "Plastic Galaxy" - Check it out for the new teaser trailer !!!

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